About Stacy

Stacy JuddHi, I’m Stacy Judd, an Equine Photographer based out of Fort Rock, Oregon.  I specialize in horse events such as horse shows, rodeos, cowboy mounted shooting and portraits, and I travel. A lot.  If you are interested in Senior or Wedding photos, I do a very limited number of those per year, click here for more information.

Why horses?  The main reason is, just like a parent who wants their kid to have it better than they did, I want people to have a professional photos with their horses.  Back in the day, equine photographers who could travel to shows were far and few between, I have very few photos of my competition days and I regret that.

As time goes by, it’s harder and harder to remember details.  How my horse moved in the Championship Hunter Under Saddle class in Klamath Falls.  How deep the mud was in Hermiston the night I roped that calf in a downpour.  How pretty that periwinkle paisley Horsemanship outfit looked in Caldwell, (don’t judge, paisley was the height of fashion at the time).  All of these memories are very important to me, yet I do not have photos of any of those times.  

Life often prevents some great opportunities.  In 2010 I started a small Photography business with a focus on horses.  I know with 100% certainty that even in my sleep, I have the ability to anticipate how horses will move, when they will do it and at what angle & lighting they look best in.  Pair that with professional camera gear, education and a little talent, and you have the equine photographer I am today.

Other little tidbits of info:

  • Dallas, my Basset Hound, is perhaps the most useless and spoiled dog in the world.  I wouldn’t trade her for anything.
  • Tony and I are building our first house together, on the family ranch in Fort Rock, aka the Windy Valley.  While I love him to the moon and back, I could do with a little less wind.
  • Whiskey Salted Caramels are one of my favorite treats to make for friends at Christmas time.  Click here for the recipe.
  • I worked as a 4-H County Extension Agent in New Mexico for 4 years.  Now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help with 4-H in Oregon.  I feel this is one of the most excellent youth programs available.
  • I volunteer as the Secretary for the North Lake Rodeo Association.  Our group puts on 6 horse events per year for families in our rural area.  
  • I am an only grandchild, some people might think that spoiled me.  They may be right.
  • Dry humor comes quite naturally to me.  Not sure if that’s a good thing.
  • Brown is my favorite color, it happens to be the color of chocolate, hmmm…
  • One of these days, I will learn to make my own scented candles.  I spend WAY to much on the darn things!
  • My work has been published nationally in magazines such as Horse Illustrated, breed publications such as Appaloosa World Show Catalog, calendars, on book covers, equine product advertisements and more.
  • With anything in life, I believe competition is a great way to better yourself and your skills, so I enter photo contests each year.  I’ll be honest, I don’t always win, but I when I do, it’s a damn good shot!
  • I guarantee my work and products.  100%.